Roshambo Hair Studio

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Rogers, Megan & Sherwood, Carissa

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283 Main Street Suite 10

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  • New Hartford

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  • CT

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  • 06057

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283 Main Street Suite 10

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  • New Hartford

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  • CT



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Rock.  Paper.  Scissors.

roshambo. Noun (plural roshambos)(games) the game of Rock Paper Scissors (as three words, ro sham bo) the syllables called out by players of Rock Paper Scissors to synchronize their timing.
Playing the game of hair stylist is much like playing the game of Roshambo. The best cut in the world will be destroyed buy a bad color, a stunning color will be defeated by a terrible style and an amazing style will be ruined by an awful cut.
We realize that every component of your look is strengthened or weakened by the others. Your cut, color and style all need to be on point to have a harmonious balanced look.
Our goal is to give you the best of all of these components. We achieve this by attending extensive continuing education and providing you with the best products for your hair both in the salon and at home.


Tuesday   12-9
Wednesday   9-6
Thursday   12-9
Friday   9-4

Saturday   8-1

Sunday Closed
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